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'No Space for Heroes' is a science fiction audio drama written and produced by Dan Proctor, a freelance editor (and science fiction enthusiast) from London, England. 

Set in a future when the human race has expanded across the galaxy, 'No Space for Heroes' follows the misadventures of investigator Rebecca Stone, researcher Paris Aquilla and sentient computer Blue as they struggle through life. 

Season One is eight episodes long. If you haven't listened to any of it yet, start with the Prologue!

We have plans to record a second season in the summer of 2021. 


Rebecca Stone - Elizabeth Campbell

Blue - Elli Brooks

Paris Aquilla - Dan Proctor

Chida - Saisha Bacon

Hestia - Juliet Hargreaves

Maisie - Sarah Hodgson

Geo - Michael Harwood

Suit - Matthew Lacey

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