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'No Space for Heroes' is a science fiction audio drama written and produced by Dan Proctor.

Set in a future when the human race has expanded across the galaxy, 'No Space for Heroes' follows the misadventures of freelance investigator Rebecca Stone, independent researcher Paris Aquilla and sentient computer Blue as they struggle through life. 


In the first episode 'The Ghost,' we join Rebecca and Paris on a mission to arrest Dr. Haunt, an eccentric scientist who has stolen a precious Kalosaur egg in order to conduct illegal genetic experiments. During their escape, they meet Blue, a sentient A.I. and one of Dr. Haunt's creations. They must convince her not to kill them on the spot.

The successful retrieval of the Kalosaur egg gives Rebecca a brief moment of fame - something which she has always craved. But by the third episode 'The Job' she has run out of both luck and money. She finds herself stranded on Blackrock IV, an alien world run by criminals. Here she meets Chida, a desperate Geonite who sends the team on a suspicious treasure hunt to the planet Geosphere. 

Rebecca, Paris and Blue explore the ice caves, lakes, forests and city ruins of planet Geosphere. However, they find more than just treasure. Many dangers await and perhaps the greatest threat of all is the cracks in their personal relationships.


Rebecca Stone - Elizabeth Campbell

Blue - Elli Brooks

Paris Aquilla - Dan Proctor

Chida - Saisha Bacon

Hestia - Juliet Hargreaves

Maisie - Sarah Hodgson

Geo - Michael Harwood

Suit - Matthew Lacey

Morgan Wren - Camilla Draycott

Dr. Haunt - David Tremain

Geonite Guard - Christopher Proctor



Original music by Juliet Hargreaves. Lyrics by Dan Proctor


The Hero's Voice - Juliet Hargreaves

The Rebels - Sarah Moriarty, Katie Lawlor, Sarah Hodgson,

Tom Garner and John Hargreaves.

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