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Having escaped the perils of Geosphere, Paris and Rebecca decide they deserve a long holiday on a tropical moon. Here, there is an opportunity for peace, but the two quickly succumb to the temptations of chaos. For Paris, this comes in the form of an opportunity to 'fix' his computer friend Blue. At the same time, Rebecca is given another chance to pursue fame and fortune.

Paris and Rebecca, as they so often do, clash over each other's choices, and ultimately part ways.

As Rebecca and Paris chase their individual goals, the galaxy is becoming a more dangerous place. The human planet Mendaxia has become a hotbed of anti-alien sentiment. War is looming and a mysterious menace lurks in the shadows.


Blue - Elli Brooks

Paris Aquilla - Dan Proctor

Rebecca Stone - Liz Campbell

Jin Sporan - Elana Kaymer

Morgan Wren - Camilla Draycott

Spaceship Passenger - Sarah Moriarty

Thrifty-Tech Pilot - Sarah Hodgson

Tammy the Tinkerbear - Ginny Dearn

Announcer - Meg McGuinness

Bash Jordan, Alien Hunter - Nick Hucker

Queen Malix - Juliet Hargreaves

Liberty Rocket - Michael Harwood

Thrifty Tech Courier - Matthew Lacey

The Doctor - Sam Mitchinson


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